Huge Dividend Milestone (again)

I just crossed over yet another dividend milestone in my portfolio. I now earn $11 every single day in dividends!

As you all know, my goal is to build up a long term portfolio that pays me every single year in dividends. With those dividends, one day I will live off them. But for now, I just keep on buying long term holds like VOO, SCHD, JEPQ & other ETFs to grow my dividend income slowly, but surely. And today, after my buys, my portfolios combined now pay me over $11 a day in dividend income. Over $4,000 a year, at the age of 25:

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I am focused on 1 thing with my dividend income… grow it over time.

I know when it comes to the dividend talk, people like to get all worked up about them. Here is my thing… I am not all about dividends only. Most of my invested money is in VOO, which has a 1.49% dividend yield. If I was just focused on dividends, I would put that ~$120,000 & buy TSLY to earn ~$70,000 in dividends. But I don’t, because that is chasing high yield & is not smart.

I focus on buying quality ETFs, every week, reinvesting the dividend, adding more shares, letting the dividends grow & repeating that until I can’t log into my investment account any more. This strategy is so easy, anyone can do it.

I am documenting my entire journey on here + on socials to show you all that it does not happen over night, HOWEVER, it does grow slowly but surely.

I share my weekly buys to remind you that becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen overnight, but it CAN happen in due time. That is why I got “brick by brick” tattoo’d on my leg.

So this $11 a day doesn’t actually come to my account every day. But, over the course of a year, my expected dividend income is going to pay me $11 a day on average. The cool thing about this is as I buy more & more every single week, this dividend income will grow every single week. The more shares I own, the more shares that will pay me dividends. The more shares I own, the more my dividend income grows. The more I reinvest, the more my shares will grow. The cycle is going, the snowball is here & getting bigger every single week.

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My Buys This Week:

I read a tweet by a Twitter friend of mine who trades stocks. He said to always take profits & buy long term holds with it. So… that is what I am going to start doing.

ETFs: $250 in VOO + $1,500 in JEPQ +

Tweet of the Week:

More car tweets 😉 

Thank you so much for reading & I will see you next week! Until then, keep buying assets & stacking those dividends. 🙂 

- Decade Investor